is a hybrid consultancy and volunteer network that provides case management for artists and culture workers at risk due to their work, as well as information services to projects and organisations in the arts, free expression, journalism, and human rights fields. While utilizing the freeDimensional methodology, resource and knowledge bases developed over ten years of direct service and advocacy, acknowledges that no single organization can adequately respond to the high volume of cases that continually emerge. As such employs a horizontal, rhizomatic approach to harnessing the existing resources and expertise of partner networks and organizations – locally, regionally and internationally – creating a volunteer-based, professional system of peer advocacy and emergency response, thereby increasing the efficacy of support for individuals at risk and, ultimately, maximizing their impact as catalysts for social change.

ArtsEverywhere, the artistic thought, process and news platform has supported the building of, a website for showing and sharing prototypical learning from the aforementioned process. ArtsEverywhere has a dedicated channel on Artist Rights to consider the critical roles artists play in society in relation to their mobility, free expression, safety and labor conditions. It includes articles, discussions, and examples of fieldwork at the intersection of arts, journalism, and human rights derived from