is an international volunteer network that provides case management and information services for artists, culture workers and communicators facing risk or danger as a result of their work empowering communities and speaking truth to power. While utilizing the freeDimensional methodology, resource and knowledge bases developed over ten years of direct service and advocacy, acknowledges that no single organization can adequately respond to the high volume of cases that continually emerge. As such employs a horizontal, rhizomatic approach to harnessing the existing resources and expertise of partner networks and organizations – locally, regionally and internationally – creating a volunteer-based, professional system of peer advocacy and emergency response, thereby increasing the efficacy of support for individuals at risk and, ultimately, maximizing their impact as catalysts for social change.

We are currently developing the new platform, and expect it to be ready in the next few months. It will include both case management tools and an arts and human rights information portal. Until such time when the platform is ready to fully launch, we will continue to use freeDimensional’s intake form for artists, culture workers and communicators to solicit support when facing risk or danger. We aspire to eventually have materials in a wider range of languages. Currently, the form is available in both English and Spanish. is collaborative by nature and in its origins. Over the past three years Theatre Without Borders (TWB) and freeDimensional have been working together to assure that theatre makers and performing artists can access vital resources during periods of danger and duress. To this end, we are committed to assuring access to artists of all media and backgrounds as we develop the new platform and its services.